In Loving Memory of
Patricia A. Theobald

Dear Mom, I am sorry for all the greive I gave you while you were here with me. I always new what I was doing was wrong, but did not think you cared. I always Loved You and was sorry for all I done wrong to you. I wish you were here today to let you know how much I Love You. I Miss You everyday and I would love to be able to talk to you to tell you I am sorry and to know if you forgive me. I LOVE YOU MOM. P.S. Your wish came true My son is 10 times worse than I ever thought. Jermaine is a good kid mom, you would be proud of him. He also misses you. He cries at times wishing you were here. Mom please tell me it is not my fault that you passed away. Some people say it is and it tears me up in side thinking it could have been all the stress I caused you. Mom if it is true I never ment to hurt you. I always and still do Love you. Your Daughter Tina Marie



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