In Loving Memory of
Gramma Lucy

Dear Gramma, Today is my birthday. I cried and cried when I opened up the mailbox and didn't see a card from you. It wasn't the money that was inside that mattered, it was just knowing that you remembered and cared about me. It's so hard, something I will never get used to, not having my gramma here again. But I know that I'll be with you again one day. Grampa, Aunt Max, and Aunt Candy came down and brought me cake and ice cream, cards, money, and the shirt you were going to give me. I really appreciated it. They came at just the right time, Christa had to leave for work, and I still needed someone to be with me. Dad and I have been going to North Liberty on Sundays. We had communion this past Saturday. It was great being able to share that with Dad and Grampa, Aunt Dor-Dor, and Theresa. I could write about ten pages or more, but I know I must wrap this up sometime. It's been a little over a month, and still nothing is easier. Please, keep giving us signs that you're still here. I love you!!

My memories of you will never fade, they will forever be treasures within my heart. Love, Rachel.



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