In Loving Memory of
Baylor Ryann McKlveen / July 26,2000-May 25,2001

Baylor Ryann, To my sweet baby girl:Words can never say or be enough to let you know how I miss you so. I miss your hair that was so light and barely there. I miss the weight of your precious and small body in my arms. I miss watching you sleep-either when you were so peaceful and content or when you were restless and discontent. I miss your playful screeching which was your way of "talking"to me. I miss watching you rock back and forth on your knees-even though you were perfectly capable of crawling. I miss mornings when you would drag your empty bottle against the crib bars,like a prisoner with his tin cup. You are the smartest,most beautiful baby I have ever had the fortune and pleasure of being with. My heart,so selfishly,aches and yearns for you. It is so full of love and yet,empty all at the same time. I know you are around me always-and forever in my heart. There are so many things that I miss about you-everything about you I miss-even diaper changes. But most of all sweeheart-MY HEART, I miss YOU. I love you more than mere words can ever express and I hope you can feel it all the way in Heaven. Love,butterfly kisses and lots of huggies, Mommy,Tyler,Aspen and Daddy

Baylor's proud mommy-Nicole R. Ludwig



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