In Loving Memory of
Julius F. Presta

We orbit 'round you,
Your radiance bright as any sun.
Now that the beams falter, dim,
We ask ach other:
What's to become
Of all of us?

Will your reflected light
Still stay
When you leave us here?
Will hope survive
Without your clear

Oh, yes. You taught us well.
Each to each, you fought the fight
Of many causes
Relentlessly, without pause
Or trepidation
Not death, nor leaving will
Extinguish your bright flame.
It will be ours forever.
Each mention of your name -
Resurgent light.

This poem was written for our family by our dear friend, Sylvia Robison. It could not be more perfect for this memorial. I was blessed to be Julius Presta's daughter ~~~Kate Bowerman



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