In Loving Memory of
MY Son

Alone now and lonely with tears in my eyes my heart wears a big break deep down inside a part of me died the day you went home... and emptiness entered where love once was shown. I miss you so much, but after awhile, my frientds tell me God will put back my smile. so I started praying for peace to return and for God to reveal what He's want me to learn. I'm learning to look back and rejoice in the thought of our time spent together,of the love that you brought. of the memories sweet that we made in times past... of your eyes lighting up when you smiled..that will last... of the hugs and the kisses and long talks at night... of the warm feeling I felt when things would go right. the comforting's coming as our Lord draws near and things once familiar make the memories dear. when I look up to heaven and see skies of blue I fing myself talking out loud just to you. I imagine you smiling and laughing with me feel the touch of your hand,though I know it can't be... lonliness is dispelled, there's a feeling of love , and I'm sure you sent me a kiss from above. Peace flows in my heart, my tears have been dried, your memory's with're here by my side. Happy Birthday




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