In Loving Memory of
Rose Marie Van Dorsten

Dearest Mom, Today is the second anniversary of your death. The pain of your leaving is still here with us. The void you left when you went to be with God is one that will always be with us. We miss your smile, we miss your laugh, we miss knowing that you are but a phone call away, we miss the sound of your voice. The bond that is between a mother and her children is one that continues on even after death. We each still feel your presence around us at times when we need the comfort that only a mother can fill. We love you mom and we miss you so much that at times our hearts are filled with an ache that can't be soothed. That's when your presence steps in and touches our souls and gives us the strength to keep us going and to remember the wonderful years of our family together and all the priceless memories of growing up and sharing life with a mother like you. In your memory, I take this moment to thank you for all the love, patience and understanding that you gave to each of your children. Thank you for always being there for us and for making a house a home. Thank you for our wonderful childhoods and the beautiful memories. We love you Mom and miss you terribly. Love, Vickie, Becky, & Frankie



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