In Loving Memory of
Amanda Christine (Jarrard - Maiden) Day

This is how my story starts:

Myself, my husband, Ron , Associate Pastor of our Church, Christ's Freedom in Hiram , Georgia and my daughter, Crystal got up this past Easter Sunday, April 15, 2001 and started getting ready for church and as usual we arrived at church, and my oldeste daughter, Amanda (24, Birthday June 9, 1976) as usual already there because she was in charge of taking care of the Nursery/Nursery Workers at our church.

I at this time had not seen her that morning, because I was at the entrance door handing out church tracks and talking to visitors welcoming them to our church. Then my son in law come in looking all upset about something, and said that if I didn't talk to my daughter that he was going to leave her. Now you know we all have fusses with our spouces, but know body knows out sons in laws or others in laws better than moms or possibley dads.

Well I had found out the night before my son in law promised to spend time with Amanda, but that never happened, she wound up at my house as usual, you would have to know them or maybe you have some children that just love to come over every other day or two. Don't get me wrong I loved it most of the time, but every now and them I would have to tell them to go home, but remember they had a home built only 7 minutes from me this past year. So you know that me and my daugher, Amanda and the rest of the family would onlybecome closer together. Amanda died this Easter Sunday around 1:00 P.M.,just after church service on her way to our house for Easter dinner, but she never made it.

Her widowed husband is back to 100% now but, I no longer have my daughter, it has been a nightmare and I've been reading books and especially my Bible and help from friends, without this I feel I would have gone crazy. I don't know how any other people feel about this, but I'm going to ask? I know my son in law has been released by God from his vows to my daugher, but... I have a problem with him already dating a girl after only 2 1/2 months after my daugter death.

Please let me know how someone can deal with this so soon? I care about my x- son in law, but we have told him that things can never be the way they were with them visiting us all the time and expecting to be around us all the time. As long as my grandson is taken care of is all i care about now.

My husband, Ron has helped me tell our grandson, that if you look when night the sky is dark at night, that Amanda (his mom) is just pass the brightest Star, the North Star. That is where God and Jesus are and your mom is with them. So anytime your lonely or just want to talk to your mom just look toward that direction and you'll see her.

My heart aches for you all the time. Amanda, I love you from the depts of my soul.

Love Mom.



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