In Loving Memory of
Danny Ashley

This is a memorial to my daddy, Paul Daniel "Danny" Ashley. I was and will always be his "little girl". He died September 10, 2000. He was 49 years old. He never even got to turn 50, how sad. I loved him very much. He was my FRIEND!! I miss him terribly. There is not a DAY that goes by that I don't think about him. My dad lived a hard life. He went to Vietnam in 1969 when he was 18 and when he returned, he was a different person. He drank too much and did way too many drugs, but nobody is perfect. We just ask for forgiveness and we shall receive. I tried to talk to him and tell him to get his life together, but years of using wouldn't let him admit that he had a problem. I feel safe to say that he was a saved man even though he may not have lived like one, I believe he is in HEAVEN. I LOVE YOU, DADDY.




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