In Loving Memory of
Willie Lee Lomax III

`My Child - My Love - My Joy

My child - my love - my joy, The Center of my universe, the fulfillment Of all my dreams, the incarceration of my heart All for this special human being.

From the first day I set eyes upon him, I already knew, that he would be my drive, My inspiration, my reason to excel, Just to name a few.

My personal inner growth depended upon him, He tested all of my capabilities, my ability to love To be caring and nurturing, I had to give it all relentlessly.

He taught me the true meaning of love, How it is given unconditionally, That it must be pure and from the heart, To be able to give it in its entirety.

He strengthened my endurance of the things to come, Developing all of inner strengths and talents. He taught me virtue, how to have patience and tolerance for the things that I didn't understand, and the ability to forgive, Things that I would have to teach to my fellow man.

He taught me that If I faltered, that it was ok That he would love me anyway until my Dying day.

That together, this eternal bond of love that we share Lives on forever and can never be broken, Even when these words, can no longer be spoken.

He was my child, my life, my love, my joy, and now my pain, Oh how I would give anything just to hold him in these loving arms once again.

My child - My love - My Joy

Written by: Rasell A. Bowman Loving Mother



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