In Loving Memory of
Philip Eugene Thommen Jr.

"DAD" Big Smile, Laughing Eyes, Devoted Son and Brother. Faithful Husband, Loving Father and Grandfather. Fun Loving Uncle, and Loyal, Compassionate Friend. These words cannot describe the impact you made on peoples lives. These are the important things in a life well lived to the fullest. Everyone who came in contact with you, fell in love with you. You had alot of nicknames, Shiney, Pops, Papa Gene, to name a few. You even had a hermit crab named after you by Michael. We all laughed and asked Michael if it was because Poppop was crabby. I loved to watch Joey and you in the pool, talking Navy stories, for what seemed hours. Alison and Christine were welcomed and accepted with open arms into this family by you. This past February, you'd call and tease me that when you got old, you were coming to live with me, I'd be the one, and I teased back"No Way, Not Me." Last bu not least, thanks for this ongoing joke. We all were over the old house,and my children were getting on your nerves. It was in the afternoon and this is what you said, "It's 8 o'clock Kas, it's time to go home. You'll never know how much you'll be missed, all I can say is "Thanks Dad for a wonderful 40 years, and for the fine example of a life well lived." You'll stay in my heart forever, I can never forget you, I know you're free from pain and in a better place, watching over us. I feel that all four of us children and Mom got to be with you at the time you crossed over into paradise. I know you knew we all were there, because you managed to squeeze our hands, and said "I LOVE YOU." I also know that you were smiling down from heaven during your funeral. It was so perfect and had humourous events. It was so you. You totally packed out the funeral parlor, and you had 80 cars in the procession. You got to pass a 2 alarm fire and got your firetruck in the end. The woman who handled the cementary, said she had seen nothing like it, except when a police or fireman dies in duty. That gives us such joy, knowing the impact you still had on people who never met you. You're the best.

Kathleen Marie Thommen Williams.



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