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November 14, 1982 - August 16, 2000 My dear Jamie Lynn is my only god-daughter, a beautiful 17 year old blonde haired angel. Jamie became an "ANGEL" when she was involved in an auto accident on her way to work. No one knows exactly what happened early that morning, for some reason she lost control of her car and hit a tree. Jamie left behind a 1 yr old son, Tyler who she adored and loved to show him off to everyone. He is a beautiful replica of his "Mommy" and is the one that keeps us connected to her. She has given me so many signs that she hears me and knows that Tyler is being taken care of. The day he was baptized there was a rainbow over the church although it had not rained for days. It was a beautiful day, sunny and bright, a warm breeze but my Jamie sent us a "jambow" to let us know she was there. Later, I took a photo of Tyler sitting in my garden and who should be sitting beside him in the photo but a large white image and lots of sparkles like rays of sun surrounding him. There are too many signs to count, I know she is still here with us somehow. I still can't accept the fact that she is gone forever physically and always wait for her to come running up the steps yelling for "NANA". She named me "NANA" as a small child, she spent most of her time with my family and we adored her. We still adore her and pray for her constantly. We thank her everyday for leaving behind the beautiful baby boy "Tyler" to give us some hope into the future when all seems bleak. I thank her for all the signs she gives me and talk to her daily, I visit her resting place and keep it filled with things from Tyler. I miss her so much it hurts more than anything I have ever felt in my life. I sympathise with anyone who has lost someone they love. I LOVE YOU MY BABY "POPSICLE". UNTIL THE GLORIOUS DAY WE MEET AGAIN.................... NANA

Sandra Lynn Leese "Jamie's NANA"



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