In Loving Memory of
Chelsea Anne Michele Brown

For Chelsea Death is not saying goodbye, For I have only gone into the next room. Whatever we were, that we are still. Call me by my name and speak of me as you always did. Laugh as we laughed at those little jokes. Play, smile and think of me. Don't put me out of your mind because you can't see me, For all will be well. Speak my name without effort for life means all that it ever did And is the same as it ever was, for it is unbroken and continuous. Don't put me out of your mind because you can't see me, For all will be well. Chelsea, my world would not have been complete without you, the child of my heart and the light of my life. You could have been a different you, born at a different time with different gifts, but it was this you that I have loved and nurtured. It is this you, with your special ways that belonged to us for such a short time. It is this you who will be remembered for the joy you gave to us, for the happiness you brought to those who knew you. This you, that I have loved, sometimes a little weak, sometimes strong, but always mine and always loved. The warm and special place in my heart that is your memory will live long beyond this sad day and I hope that some day we will share this love again. I will hold you close to my heart and cherish the memory of you until that day we meet again.

Forever in my heart and thougts you will always be. Your mother



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