In Loving Memory of
Karl Andrew "Andy" Moss

Karl Andrew "Andy" Moss- November 19th 1966 / April 7, 1997 Andy, I know in your heart and soul you felt you had to leave this world behind. I wish you had shared how very much you were aching inside with those of us who loved you dearly. The day mom told me you were dead, with that God awful telephone call, I felt a piece of my spirit whither away. And I am sure the rest of us that loved you will forever be changed. You were the closest to me of all my brothers, not just in age but also in spirit. You always had a way of letting me and others know how you cared for and loved us. You are definitely someone special and life just isn't the same without your 'great' energy. Okay, so you did what you felt you had to do and now I hope things are going well for you wherever you may be. Mom and I think you have paid us some visits..which provided us with much needed THANKS! And keep it up if ya can. It sure is wierd to be 'older' than you now! I am still trying to get used to that. Andy, we MISS YOU SO MUCH and WE LOVE YOU and forgive you for doing what you felt at the time was your only choice. I will keep the best memories of times we had and you will never be forgotten, ever. Until we meet ag

Love, Your little sister, Vicki



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