In Loving Memory of
Luai Sawaqed

God,its been two years,I feel the same now as he died that horrible day. God don't you know that this is more than a mother can bare. so please wake me from this nightmare. God I ask you why you took my dearest son away, with out giving me one last day. Some times I sit and watch for you to walk through the door. As I sit and look through your photoes, I can still see the laughter in your eyes,and my heart begins to aches and tears well up in my eyes. God why did you have to take Luai away. Couldn't you find a reason for him to stay. When God took you he took a part of me too. My precious Luai, your life had only just begun when it was taken away. But I know that we will meet again one wonderful day. I will never be able to say goodbye,till the day we meet at Heaven. Ilove you luai Then, Now and Forever. Your MOM RANDA



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