In Loving Memory of
Brandon S. Hester

I wish I had the words to comfort you, in all your pain and grief.
But I know thereís nothing I can say or do, to help you find relief.
Your numbness will soon subside, and the pain and tears will be real.
Just remember no matter what, itís ok to feel what you feel.
Each day may seem like a burden, sometimes it will be hard to face.
But They will never stop loving you, just because they're in a new and better place.
They will live on in your hearts, you will all have memories to share.
And when your time on earth is through, with open arms, they will be waiting for you there.
This poem was inspired by the death of a loved one. Though I don't personally know anyone from the World Trade Center Tragedy I have experienced grief first hand at the loss of my 10 year old son. So I know the pain and sorrow it can bring. In my desire to comfort others I found these words say it best. No matter what you feel itís okay, for not even death can break the bonds of love.

Sandra K. Hester © 2001

All rights reserved. Used by permission
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