In Loving Memory of
Dolores "Dee" Colella

Dear Mom, It's been almost 6 months since you crossed over. The emptiness I feel is as strong today as it was on 4/4/01. Physically, I am alone but spiritually I know you are always with me. I know I am a lucky person to have had you as my mom. You taught me to live my life as I saw fit and not to care what other people thought. You taught me to love myself and to be strong. I'm trying to be strong and through your death I have learned to grow up. Over night, My childlike personality has turned to seriousness and I know that it was my childlike personality that you liked about me. But I can't bring myself to go back to the person I had once been and I don't know if I ever will return to that person. I am also lucky to have had my mom pass in her sleep as she had always wanted. You went through enough pain for the last 4 years. Mom, I just want to say that I love you and miss you with all my heart. I know we will see each other again I just have to wait for my invitation to the family reunion. You are my BEST FRIEND! Love always and forever, Diane



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