In Loving Memory of
Jared Michael Schaertl

Dear Jared You will never be forgotten. I Love and Miss you so much. I know that you are still with me. I want so much to hug you and have you run up behind me and put your little arms around my neck. I cannot wait to see you again. Mommy will not give up and I will find a way to contact you. I promise you will not be forgotten. You did not die for nothing. You are so special to me and will always be. Please wait for me we will be together again I promise and I will cherish every moment. Thank you so much for being my son. I am so proud of you. Why did you go in the pool? I am angry thay daddy did not watch you more carefully but he did not want you to get hurt. He misses you and loves you. How do you like your new brother? I will tell him all about you. I will keep you alive. Come and visit me soon. I will not be afraid.




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