In Loving Memory of
Nancy Carmack-Loving Wife ,Mother,and My best friend

Nancy,was my loving wife for 23 years,and a wonderful Mother,to her only child,Jessica. She was,and will always be,my best friend,and soulmate,forever......

My Nancy,was truly an amazing soul. Filled with a genuine love for life,family,and friends. She is deeply missed,by all of us who were fortunate enough,to have been a part of her life.> < Unfortunately,Nancy,was also living with diabetes,since developing gestational diabetes,when she became pregnant with our only daughter,and that put an end to our hope of another child later in life,as her doctors advised against it,because the risks to her health that it might cause.

Nancy,took care of herself very well,and had very few problems associated with her diabetes,most of her life. During her 18 years of living with diabetes,she had only one serious bout of keto-acidoses,that put her in ICU for a week or so.

Shortly,after starting on a new drug,that her doctor prescribed to further keep her blood sugars under control, she started having seizures. (That drug was removed from the market and recalled a year or so later.) Her doctors finaly found a medication that kept her seizures to a maximum of 1 or 2 every couple of weeks. Her seizures were also fairly mild when she had one,and she was up and about after a few minutes afterwards.

My wife had history of allergic reactions,to almost every medication that her doctors prescribed for her,which made it difficult,and dangerous to find medicines to treat her with. But eventually she was doing very well on the few that she could tolerate,and we felt a since of relief after that.

One day,during an office visit to her new neurologist (her first one gave up on her,when he couldn't figure out the cause of her seizures)she had a seizure in his office. She came home,and told me that the neurologist had raised the level of her current meds,and had started her on another new medication also.

Two weeks later my wife developed a rash,and a fever,and I took her to the hospital,when the fever had reached 105 degrees,and she became sick to her stomach. When the ER doctor wanted to start her on a new antibiotic,we both told him that she could only take Bactrim,as an antibiotic,because of her history of allergic reactions. He said that this new antibiotic was generally well tolerated,and proceeded to add it to the saline,that they always give her,to prevent dehydration. Afterwards the doctor wrote a prescription,for 10 pills of the same medication,and told her to take one a day till they were gone,and sent her home. (they thought she had bronchitus,and that was causing her symtoms)

By that same evening,Nancy had become very ill,and her temperature was very high again,and she was acting weak,and confused,so I took her back to the hospital again.

They admitted her for 24 hours for observation overnight. They also kept giving her the new antibiotic,and the new seizure med also.

By the next day,she had become very delirious,and felt like she was hot,even though her temp. read almost normal. They kept her another day,and later that night she started having seizures,that were far worse than any I had ever seen her have before,one after another,with each one worse than the one before it. By that evening she was near death,even though they had stopped all of her meds,because they did not know what to do for her.

By early the next morning,Nancy was gravely ill,and they then put her on a respirator,to aviod any more seizures,and care-flighted her to a larger,more modern hospital,to try use the newest facilities available,to find a way to save her life.

My wife never came off of that respirator,and I never got to speak to her again. All of her family watched in horror,as she died slowly over the next 11 days.

She was killed,by an allergic reaction to the new medications,that caused her to develop a massive infection everywhere in her body,and one by one her organs failed.

On the last day of her life,we were told that she would never be able to breathe on her own again,and she was swollen with infection. Her loving family had to make a decision,to take her off of the respirator,and let her go to God,as there was no way to save her life.

She died,because she should have never have been given,either one of the two meds,much less both of them,in conjuntion with the one she was already taking before they started this nightmare.

Over 100,000 people die every year in the USA,because of allergic drug reactions, It is the fourth leading cause of death in this country!

God bless my wonderful wife. She was the innocent victim of a completely preventable medical mistake. If these doctors would have payed attention to her history of allergic reactions,she would never have been given these new drugs,and we would still have her with us today!

May God forgive,the doctors who caused her death,instead of saving her life! What a waste of human life! We trusted our medical system,and this time it cost my wife her life!

I love you Nancy,and I will join you in heaven,when my days on this Earth are through. Then,no one will ever separate us,ever again,and we will live together in the light,and love of God forever! That will be a wonderful day! Soulmates forever baby!

Your loving husband,and family miss you honey!

Darryl Carmack-Dec.2001

In memorial to my wonderful Wife Nancy Carmack 11/19/56-11/02/01



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