In Loving Memory of
Lee "Pop" Mundell

Pop was born in 1918 in Parkersburg, West Virginia. He joined the Navy in the late 1930's and served his country until his retirement in 1964. He married my grandmother, Joan in 1942 and eventually they retired in Virginia and raised their three children.

I am the oldest of five grandchildren and spent every waking moment with my grandparents. I have so many memories of things that my grandfather did for and with me. When my father died my senior year of high school, Pop was right there to fill that role too. He stood proud as I graduated and saw me off to college. He cried as he gave me away at my wedding.

In 1997, my grandmother was stricken with lung cancer. My husband and I moved in to help see her through the final stages. She died in 1998 leaving the family devastated. I stayed on to take care of Pop who was exhibiting signs of Alzheimers. My husband and I struggled through many sleepless nights at home and in the hospital with him. I helplessly watched as the man I had looked up to my whole life was deteriorating before my eyes. I knew he had given up but I vowed not to let him go without a fight. After my grandmother's passing, we took Pop to West Virginia to see his childhood home. It was amazing to watch him as we visited the county courthouse, general store and his homestead. He always smiled when we talked about that vacation.

In the last two years, many people touched Pop's life. My co-workers, friends, and softball teammates made an extra effort to engage him. I am truly grateful for all that they did.

I would like to dedicate this page in his memory. I love him and will never forget all that he was.

Amy Nash



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