In Loving Memory of
Chris B. Akers

Chris would want to be remembered as a friend, a logger and a racing fan. I remember him as my best friend, my husband, and as the father of our girls. Though he was not able to hold these precious little loves, his life was complete. He always told me that a family was the most important thing in the world and that we were going to have one. Even though he was not physically at their birth, I KNOW that he was there to see them into this world!!!

Its not the number of years that we have on this Earth that matters, its what we do with that time. I think that it is amazing that a man of 35 years was able to have a complete life. A few years of wonder and happiness are worth more than a lifetime of emptiness.

Chris will forever be in my heart. He was my best friend!

With undying love, Kim



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