In Loving Memory of
Shawnte Keala Efhan Jaquias

You are and always will be in my heart, You and I have grown together, Challanged the changing of tides, Survied all storms that has passed our way, And now you have shown me , That life is to short, Your time will come at any given moment, Never give up on your dreams, Even if it may seem out of reach, It was hard to accept that God, shared with me your way of passing, And still I am not to sure why, I miss you and feel your presents, when you are near me. There is so much I wish to share, just to see your expression, But I am not able to see your face, Nor your deep dimples, or even hear your laughter... I pray every night that , You are guided by God , That you watch over and strengthen us, For you were our angel here on earth, As you are now the angel that watches, Over all of us. I Miss You Ala Pakala's !

Tina Marie Anakela Parraga *Bumbata Crew* Kauai Girls



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