In Loving Memory of
Colleen Ann Meehan Barkow Age 26 WTC Tower One

MEMORIAL SERVICE SEPTEMBER 30,2001 Colleen Ann Meehan Barkow March 13,1975 - September 11,2001 Married September 17,2000 Colleen was born on March 13,1975, at Rahway Hospital. I remember struggling with the shoe covers and hospital gown to Enter the delivery room the JoAnn had been taken into, but she was in a hurry to be born, I almost missed her arrival, as the doctor pronounced in-door plumbing and I knew that we had A new daughter, and that Daryl now had a sister. We brought her Her home on St. Patrick's Day. Colleen's Toddle years were full of adventure as well, for a period of time; JoAnn was on a first name basis with Poison Control, Joann would dial the number, and the person responding would Reply, "Hello Mrs. Meehan. What has Colleen eaten today/" Growing up Colleen always had a special guardian, her brother, Daryl, Who was always there to defend her honor, give her a Shoulder to lean on, and someone to listen to her when she Wanted to talk. As Dad's and daughters often do, we shared an event each year, of going into New York City to view the lighting of the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller center, it did not matter that we sometimes never got close to the tree, but that we shared the joy and starting of The holiday season together, which was filled with smiles and Hugs, and laughter. But that time finally came, when as an adult, she met someone Who she fell in love with, Dan, who I gave her to in marriage, and gained another son, whom JoAnn and I forever will be proud of, And love , and grateful for bringing Crystal & Kala into our lives. Colleen always had a smile … her entrance into a room, would Fill it with the caring, love, that her smile conveyed. My prayer for today, is that you will all remember her smile, And allow it to ease the pain, and grief that you have, that Your memories of her will live in your hearts, and that her Smile will dry the tears we all share today. "COLLEEN WAS NEVER WITHOUT A SMILE"

With A Sadden Heart & Tears, Tom Meehan Colleen's Dad .... We Wil Miss You & Love Forever



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