In Loving Memory of
Jared David Vandecar

Dear Jared, We are entering the 5th Holiday season without you. How can that be? I can remember our last conversation like it was this morning. I still have to shake my head and wonder how could our lives be turned upside down like this? Now, your 21st birthday is approaching. December 1st. Your brother will be 23 on December 5th. I remember that the first two weekends in December were always birthday parties. Then I could think about Christmas. What would you be doing now? I remember how your eyes twinkled when you laughed. You weren't perfect. You were all boy. But everyone has remarked how you always had a smile for them. It didn't matter who they were. I don't think you ever had an enemy. I don't ever remember you coming home mad at anyone. I am getting your tree ready to take to the cemetery on your birthday. I know you always wanted us to put a tree up on your birthday, but we never did cause they dried out so fast. Now, you get one ever year on the 1st. Pretty ironic, huh? I love and miss you so much it is unbearable at times. The pain is only a thought away at all times. I don't go there much. There is such a hole in our family that can never be filled. Everyone tells me you are in a better place. But, I am selfish. I want you here. Love, mom

Elaine Vandecar
[email protected] Jared's page can be found at



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