In Loving Memory of
Sandra Ritchie

To my friend Sandy, I would like to thank you for giving me and so many women courage, strength, and a view of life that I am not so sure we would have the courage to live as you did, with such dignity. How many years did you fight as a warrior the cancer that started in such a small area? The treatments are over, the questions are over, the worry about your family is over. You were so strong for so long that we were all protected from the reality of your passing. I want you to know that you left sisters of the heart that will take some time to sort through our loss. I pray for your freedom, your health, your happiness. Dance for me laugh for me, and look in on us once in a while. We love you so much. Thankyou. P.S. Thanks for the power outage to let me know, to let me have faith that you still are alive. I had to reset all of my clocks, and YES you are a stinker.

Brenda, Linda and all "the broiler room girls"



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