In Loving Memory of
My Dad Ben

Our Dear Dad Ben has won his long race of life, he crossed the finish line a winner and went on to his reward.

Our Dear Dad Ben was a son, a soldier, a husband, a father,a salesman, a grandfather, a great grandfather and just a good man.

Our Dear Dad Ben was a hunter, a fisherman, a lover of all outdoors, a cross country motorcyclist, and a fearless adventurer.

Our Dear Dad Ben was a teacher, a dancer, a jokester, a repairman, and on christmas, he was our santa claus.

Our Dear Dad Ben was just that OUR DEAR DAD.

We Love you DAD, We will miss you , and We will see you again..... the day we cross the finish line of life as winners , because you taught us how.

Tom and Ann
Ben and Marilyn
Michelle and TJ



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