In Loving Memory of

My precious husband, my lover, my friend... It amazes me still to this very day how one person could capture so many hearts and lives and make such an impact in such a short time, two years. God not only fulfilled my dreams and desires far beyond my expectations but you fulfilled the lives of your grandchildren, Taylor, and Mackenzie, your stepdaughters, April and Colleen. You were a mentor to your son-in-law, John. To your mother and father-in-law, you became a son. As I have read through the many cards and emails that we wrote and sent to each other I find it hard to select just one to share in this memorial; I have decided to share this one because it reflects the person you were to me and the love we had between us. Catherine my beautiful, Catherine my lover, Catherine my friend, Catherine my life, I thank God he made you my wife. I think about you constantly, when I am next to you, but more when I am away. I cherish your smile, and the sound of your voice. But to know that you are with me when I close my eyes and think of you.... I can see your eyes glissening. Knowing that you are smiling while you read this and that I can't write a poem to save my life. All that matters though is knowing that you will be in my arms in just two more nights and I will be holding you tight. I love you. All who knew you, Russ, were touched by your wonderful gift of laughter, kindness, caring and generous heart and not to omit your beautiful, beautiful smile and dimple. Two hearts, finally together. After a very long wait, seeing their love for each other. Their lives were so empty, And lacking of fun. Though now together, Together as one. Finally finding, Their one true love. After many nights praying, To the almighty above. One day to God is like a thousand days to us. So my dear, we will all be together again in a very short time. I am so, so grateful for that promise that I stand on, for the word of God is true. I thank God for every remembrance of you. It was an honor to have known a man of such character (and how!) and integrity.

You remain in my heart and thoughts, Your loving wife, Catheirne



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