In Loving Memory of
Sallie Morris

Sallie Morris, My wonderful Mother. She is without doubt the most amazing person to ever live. She raised 11 kids pretty much on her on. Although times were often very hard she never complained. She had heart problems, blood pressure problems and arthritis for many years, but if asked How are you doing? she would always say I am doing ok. I have many memories of her making sacrifices for one of us kids. She could turn what appeared to me an empty cupboard a stomach filling meal. She liked to buy lottery tickets. Her biggest goal was to win at least 11 million dollars so she could give a million to each of us. The last week of her life was extreamly hard for her. I stayed with her until her last breath and will always remember that as being the hardest time of my life. I sang amazing Grace to her over and over again the night she died. I cried that night as I have never done before. Mom I love you and I miss you, but I know in my heart I will see You again someday.

Your Loving Son Ted



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