In Loving Memory of
Richard J Claus

This is a memorial for Richard John Claus. Known as Dick to his friends and family and Mr. Claus to his junior high students. He loved to sing in the church choir, hunt deer, and play pinnochle. He cared for his family and provided guidance for his four children. He was a loving husband and caring partner. He gave his wife wings. He encouraged and supported her in her career choices. He gave her love. He will be missed by all. His three siblings, his mother, his children and especially his wife. The Lord has seen fit to take him to heaven. We will see him again when we go to join him. Knowing that he is there will not make the afterlife a 'scary' place. We know he is waiting for us to share eternal life with Jesus.

Lorene, Carrie, Ruth, Tim and Joshua Claus



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