In Loving Memory of
Bette Ilene Aultman Kent

Dear Ilene, How I wish this could be a real letter and you were going to be there to open it and be happy and surprised to hear from me today. You have been so on my mind this past week-more than usual. I guess it is because of Richard's 19th birthday.I know having him made you the happiest you had ever been. No child was ever more welcomed and loved than that son of yours.I know you worried about him since he became a teenager and I wish I could assure you he is fine, but I have to confess I have not spoken to him or his dad in these six months since you passed away. I am sorry, Ilene. I am trying to get to a place where I can see them, especially Richard, but I know seeing them will be just like writing these words-so hard. It means facing the fact that you are really gone and can't come back. And of course I know that. I was able to carry on and be there for you those days before you died because it was all I could do and so many who loved you were hurting so badly, but it seems that once you left, I just couldn't function normally. I have wished for you so many times since then. You knew we all loved you so much but you couldn't have known how much or how important you were to our family.We didn't either until you were gone and now we all are realizing that you were one of our brightest stars and we miss you and your shine. I will always love and remember you, little sister.

With loving memories Jayne



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