In Loving Memory of
Denis Therrien

Its been five years since you've been gone, but in my heart I still hang on. Hoping one day you'll walk through the door but knowing together we'll be no more. We walk through life for such a short while but it's been so long since I've seen your smile. I have had friends pass and family too but none left me as alone as when I lost you. I wanted to give up so many times but you left me something I cannot leave behind.

Den, Sometimes I dream that we are together again, and when I wake up it is so crushing to realize that you are gone all over again. It is so unfair that we didn't get to spend our lives together. I have so much guilt over trying to move on,I want to believe you would want me to. I miss you so much. You touched a part of me that no one else will ever be able to reach. I truly believe we are soul mates...and although I am unsure of God and religion I hope somehow, someway we are together again. You gave me a beautiful daughter, I look at her and her smile reminds me of you. I'm crying again. I wonder if you can see or hear me? Sometimes when I am driving alone I reach over to put my hand on your leg but you are not there. Sometimes the pain is still as fresh as it was 5 years ago. I need answers about what really happened that night, I wish you could tell me and I am afraid that I will never know. I miss you hun and I will always love will always be alive through me.

Love Stacey



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