In Loving Memory of
Melvin Fredrick Hibbs JR.

My brother Melvin,26, passed away on February 14th, 2002 when his plane crashed. Melvin lived his life to the max. He did more in his 26 years than I can ever dream in a life time. Every one who knew him loved him and everyone who didn't know him wanted to know and love him. He was a special person, and a special brother. He left behind my mother Debbie, my father Melvin Sr, my son, his nephew and godson Jadian, my daughter, his neice Ocieanna, myself his sister, Shelley and his beautiful wife Audrey.

Bodies return to whence they came, Days on end pass by, But the soul that lived within you, Melvin Can never, ever die.

Though you are not before my eyes, When I shut them and dream for a while, Once again I'm blessed with the memory Of your loving but beautiful smile.

I miss you now more than I can tell, It hurts to hear your name, It feels that since your gap can't be filled Life will never be the same.

Yet I know in my confused mind And I know in my broken heart That because we love each other so much Even death cannot keep us apart.

Now that you've been taken from me And placed in God's loving care, Sometimes I can't help feeling selfish And thinking that life's unfair.

I'm so proud of my big brother, Who did whilst others just thought. He did by twenty what some never do Despite his life being cut short.

I tell myself you're in God's care But it doesn't numb the pain My only consolation is That soon we'll meet again.

I have but one wish for you: Please don't worry for how we'll cope Always stay happy since you live with us still And always hold onto hope.

This is by no means a final goodbye But a chance to say I'll love you forever. There is no need to say farewell Since for eternity we'll be together.

Please stay close to your little sister Since I feel lost without you now, But because you love me so very much You'll share your strength with me somehow.

So till we meet again big brother, Take all the love I have inside I know that I can carry on With you ever by my side.

I love you with every second God gives, Love you more than words can say, So take care my beautiful Melvin Till we're reunited again one day.

Author Unknown

Shelley Hibbs-Blackmore



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