In Loving Memory of
Billy Rodriguez

He came into my life, a radiant beam of goodness. He came into my life, the very embodiment of goodness. All I ever wanted was for him to be happy. And I worried that me may never find happiness. He came into my life, a towering example of happiness. Yet I was blinded by my own misconceptions. Even before he came into my life he had already arrived at a happiness that I could not see. He came into my life and taught me that a soul never dies. So I'm comforted by his presence, here with me, now, gently rubbing my grief-stricken forehead. He was my son. His name was Billy. His mother and I shared his his laughter, his beauty for 20 years. I love him eternal. He came into my life and clarified for all who ever met him the beauty of life and of love that always was and always will be. I'm grateful that I got to know my precious Billy boy, if only for a brief 20 years. You made me better son - I love you.




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