In Loving Memory of
Elizabeth Corcoran Martin


I searched my life through for a place to call home
But for me it would prove most elusive

Ireland held all that I loved and the things I most cherished
Though our lives were so raw and impoverished

But out I was pushed, just barely fourteen
To a country others called home

England stood on my shoulders to see what I’d bear
And it taught me life’s lessons learned early

The poor and the innocent, the weak and the ignorant
Are the unsung heroes on life’s bottom rung

This new land denied me my smile and my youthfulness
Not meaning to gift me with steely determinedness

Marriage brought me back home to the land of my birth
Certain of a life full of joy and mirth

But things were not as I remembered them to be
Time had changed home - and me - more than I could possibly foresee

Life in Birr - wife, mother, and sister
Everlasting memories of my dearest Chrissy

But the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
Pierced my heart and sculpted my soul

Another home beckoned across a vast sea
Again, a stranger in a strange land – that was me

I seemed destined to wander and search all the time
For a home that would look and would feel like it’s mine

There were laughs and tears and ups and downs
And triumphs and struggles and fears

And so I made my way and fought the good fight
And did it my way…wrong or right

Fret not for me now
Cry not for me now
Just smile for me now
I am home
Elizabeth Corcoran Martin September 4th, 1920 - March 18th, 2002 R. I. P.



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