In Loving Memory of
Ann Gildea

My Tribute to my Mom: When my Mom was diagnosed with cancer three years ago, I knew our lives would never be the same. She choose to die the way she lived her life, with dignity and respect. And in the end, she was still teaching us so much about courage and love. My Mom never questioned her illness or doubted her faith. She faced it and fought until the fight was impossible. And for that Mom, I thank you. My Mom always put her children and my Dad first. She was happy being home cooking and taking care of us. I know realize that growing up in my parents home was not normal, but a gift. My Mom set a solid foundation down in her children, loved us, and, then when the time was right, she let us fly. May my Dad and my brothers find comfort in their memories and peace in the fact that my Mom loved them. They have stood together this past week, rarely leaving my Mom's side and were all there with her in the end. I know she is very proud. So, now I say goodbye to you, my Mother, my teacher, my confident and my best friend. My heart will ache everyday without you, for I have lost you to soon. May I live my life the way you have lived yours. May my children love me the way yours loved you, for then I will have done what you taught. Thank you Mom. I shall forever hold you in my heart. I love you. Until we meet again.

Love, Lorraine



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