In Loving Memory of
Timothy Mark Amendt

Well Tim it's been 34 months and I miss u as much as ever. June is coming up and I must say it is the hardest month to get through.I know you are in a place of no pain and I must also say that it has to be better than being here where there is soooo much pain. But I miss you dearly and I do wish you were here with me still.Im not sure when the sadness will subside but the way I still love you Im not even sure it will. I am still so maddly in love with you and I think of you every single day and when I go to bed in our bed I remember all of our great times together,going to the beach late at night,or going for that midnight ride just enjoying our time together.I am trying to have a life but it is very hard babes without you.I don't really know where to start.I miss you sooooo much my Love, you are my soulmate, my best friend and I can't get you off my mind even for a little bit. I need you Tim,Please come home for a visit even just a short one Please I need you babes,my heart aches for you. I still have that kiss you gave me that one special night,I know it was a good-bye kiss but Please Tim come home again even if it's for just one more kiss. I love you Timothy Mark Amendt and I always will. Forever to be yours honestly and faithfully. Love You Tim,from your Jo-Jo. We all miss you babes,your two boys miss their Daddy.

Love from your wife and two very young sons.We all miss and Love you Tim.



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