In Loving Memory of
Douglas Charles Reeves

Born 16 August, 1983 ~ Born to Eternal Life 21 March, 2002 OUR CHARLIE The black and white pants and chef's cap lay waiting..... For him to give them form and life, Shoes lay waiting by the door to be taken on another path of adventure; Email lay waiting too, to be opened and devoured eagerly by his eyes, News of distant friends and close ones too, Waiting.... Everything is still now, time stands still, Waiting... He was a chosen one, one of the untouchables; He brought love, life and laughter in his quiet way, to all who were fortunate to know and love him; His gift to us was precious, this will keep warm our memories, and ease our pain of separation. We love you Charlie. Forever in our hearts and sadly missed Mum, Dad, Joanne, Joey, Katie, Craig, Chloe, and Sophie.



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