In Loving Memory of
clayton callison (aka ccboggler)

The day you left me was the most painful day of all. The pain was so much it was almost physical. Never once did I realy belive that I would loose you. I refused you to even write a will out because to me that was you showing a sign of defeat so therefore I had deleted it. We were to be married and I couldnt and wouldnt have you talking nonsense about death. I am so sorry I didnt listen to you. I hope you have forgiven me. My life has been so empty without you I miss and scream for you all the time. I dont know when this pain will ease, its been 8 months and still the whole sceniro keeps running through my mind constantly. I need to realize that your not in anymore pain and God took you because he has a far more greater plan for you in heaven. You have given me so much and I have learned so many things from you, it wasnt till now that Ive realized this. You took such good care of me. I love you so much baby, I love you more then youll ever know. You had so many tragides in your life I dont know how you managed. You are so strong of a person. I have alot of pride in you. I know we will be together again soon. Not a day goes by that I dont think of you .... Not one day... loving you always, Virginia G.



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