In Loving Memory of
Jean-Paul Joseph Phillip Berube

This is a poem I wrote for my father a few years before he died. It was also my first published poem...It was included in his memorial cards... The dedication of the poem read this... To My Dad, The Most important man in my life... DAD Through good and bad When I was sad Or happy or Confused. When times were tough and things were rough There's no time you refused. A gentle hand A loving man Would rub my crying head. And all the ghosts That hurt me most Would disappear instead. For all the times I Should have thanked Or all the times He should of Spanked Are Very far and few. For this is the day That I want to say "I LOVE YOU" By Irene Ida Berube

YOU ARE SO MISSED DADDY... not a day goes by without thinking about you... Marie Irene Ida Berube "I'LL SEE YOU NEXT TIME"



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