In Loving Memory of
Jean- Paul Berube

My Dad was my hero, he would help anyone that asked. He worked so hard to keep us all happy. He was so sentamental, that when you told him you loved him he would cry. He was always happy, and joking around. At 67 he was still working and loving it. He was very happy with his life, everything was going his way. His green eyes always sparkled and his smile brightened up anybody that was sad. He would sing silly songs to us and make us laugh.His grandchildren were his world. He would play with them just like he was their age. He didn't have an enemy, everybody loved him. Living in a small town, he knew everybody. No one had a bad word to say about my dad. He was friendly, and talked to everybody. He is so sadly missed by everybody. He did jokes on anybody who would listen, and sometimes he got them good. But never did anybody get mad at him, they knew he was just kidding with them. I will always remember his smile, and his eyes the way they looked at you and you knew they were saying I love you. I miss you so much Dad

Sylvie Berube



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