In Loving Memory of
Justin David Young (Sept. 29, 1983- May 7, 2002)

Justin, I feel so empty and so alone without you. I feel a constant ache in my heart that never seems to go away, I just wish you were here today.You always knew what to say to make me feel better when I was going through though times. You made me feel things I had never felt, Your gentle touch awakened my soul, your arms were the safest place to be. I wont ever forget the times we have shared, I will treasure every single moment, every hug, every kiss, every smile and every laugh. You looked so beautiful when you were asleep, the way your chest moved as you inhaled and exhaled. I knew every curve in your face, the way your cheeks puffed out and your eyes shrunk when you smiled. All I have now are memories to hold on to, I will truly miss you so very much, and I will never forget you. Thank You for everything and I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART.




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