In Loving Memory of
Richard Sisselman

I always want to write you an email hoping that you may respond. Daddy I feel so bad that you are not here with me physically. I know that you will ALWAYS be with me, but it is not the same. I miss you more and more with every breath I take. I wish that I could hold your hand. I often think that I hear you whistle. You were such an alive person, which makes it so hard to know you are gone. You will always live on through me and those who loved you. I hope that in heaven they have the internet so that you can at least read this. Daddy your little girl misses you. I wish that you could be here to walk me down the aisle come October. I will dance the first dance as if I am dancing it with you. Richard Sisselman was a strong, loving, caring and generous man loved by many people. Most of all he was loved by his daughter Holly. Keep visiting me in my dreams. I will be waiting to give you a big kiss and a hug.

Holly L. Sisselman



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