In Loving Memory of

THIS IS IN MEMORY OF MY PRECIOUS 2 1/2 YEAR OLD GRANDSON THAT WAS KILLED BY A WRECKLESS DRIVER.HE WAS AND IS OUR PRECIOUS LITTLE BOY. ITS REALLY HARD TO FUNCTION WITHOUT YOU .WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH SWEATPEA. WE KNOW YOU ARE WITH US AS WE SEE THE SIGNS. YOU ARE SAFE NOW AWAY FROM ALL THE HURT AND PAIN IN THIS WORLD.BUT, SWEET BOY WE MISS YOU SO MUCH.I wish I could hold you ,touch your face, and give you a kiss, and tell you how much we love you. Even though we told you everyday of your life.Your little sisters are getting so big. I know Ashly misses you so much.Dymond you did not get to meet.But we will tell her all about you and already have. she know who you are by name and by your picture.Your mom and dad have fell apart since you left. PAPA to. Me I have to keep my mind occupied or I will surely fall to.MY strenght is you in knowing you are here with me,and that I will be with you again soon.You saved my life a few nights after you left, It it wasnt for you and the Angels I wouldnt be here.I thank you for that.Someday soon we willbe together again. my heart is broke for life. my precious angel I miss you so so much. I really dont know what to do anymore. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH JOE




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