In Loving Memory of
Bruce McArthur

It's been nearly 3 years since you were abruptly taken from my life, after 17 years of cherished friendship, & 5 years with you as my constant companion. We shared so much together Pooh,& now I wait for the end of my time to see you again.I do look forward to that time, though I am enjoying being here on this earth at the moment. I saw a wonderful commercial today on TV from the Epilepsy Association of Ontario.It was wonderful, you would have been so proud!It was a bunch of children in a classroom,& a young girl was staring off into space.Unable to focus on what the teacher was saying.The teacher came over to her & scolded her.Right then, her classmate said "Excuse me Mr. Brown, she just had a seizure." Imagine!!! It's about time isn't it Pooh? I'm so glad that more research is being done. I realized with sadness about a year ago, that you probably in your whole life, never looked forward to going off to sleep. But now, you finally have the peace you deserve. And when in Summer of 2000, I still received in my film I had developed,photos of you from our last Christmas.You looked so unwell in the photos, but why didn't I notice it, I was with you for heaven sakes?? I will always miss you & love you Pooh.. always, & I want you to hold onto that.Yes there is a new guy in my life...we do pretty well, but there is a void in my life & in my heart since your abrupt departure from this world.It was very hard on all of us who loved you, but it must have been terrible for you, it must have been weird & shocking when you realized that you weren't with us anymore.Sometimes I think of that, & it bothers me.Especially since I am now at the age you were when you passed..37.It frightens me so sometimes.Sometimes I am afraid to go to sleep.Your death has affected me & changed my perspective, my entire outlook. Please could you tell my Dad, Grumpy, & my Stepdad, that I love them & miss them all very much?! And Pooh....please don't stop coming to me ever.I look forward to feeling your presence, seeing you in my dreams.Even Dean has sensed your presence!God knows I am certain George has seen you several times, he acts so oddly at times!!Tell Stepdad I am waiting to see him now! I miss him so, what a kind gentleman he was.I really miss him. And to the end of time, you'll always be in my heart. I can promise you that.You will NEVER be forgotten, you were loved so. Always.... ~*Dee*~



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