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To my Daddy-O, Phillip Elvin Carr, As I sit here today, trying to find a way to help my friend Mary through the anniversary of her Mom's death, I think of you. I remember with a smile how you always loved to help people, especially those who were in need or pain. Your generosity of spirit extended to everyone except yourself. I remember with joy how you loved Christmas and enjoyed finding new gifts to thrill and surprise us. Unfortunately, I seem to have absorbed the tendency to go into debt over holidays and birthdays to relive those times, too. I remember with love how you provided and shared special vacations for the family--Disneyland, Yosemite, Washington, Canada, the East Coast. Even when I didn't think I wanted to hang out with my family, you still gave me special memories that no one, even your second wife, can take away. I thank you so much for investing those times and parts of yourself with me. I hope that I can learn to take the good of what you gave and perpetuate it, as well as reclaim the parts of yourself that never healed. I love and miss you. If you were here today, I'd ask your advice on how to help my friend. Thank you for being the father and grandfather you were. Your granddaughters miss you a lot.

I love you, your little Michellio XOXOXOXO



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