In Loving Memory of
Harold Warmkessel June 6,1929 to May 21,2001

The death of my father saddens me but I know he is resting in peace now. He suffered long enough. I love you Daddy. Rest in Peace and I will see you someday. My Father was an honest, hardworking, man. Who loved everyone and everyone loved him. His memory will be in my heart forever. Here is a poem that I feel is meant for you. Marie Daddy You held our hands in comfort You were always by our side You listened while we talked You listened while we cried. Your laughter meant the world to us Your loyalty was the best You were there for us and never judged But now it's time to rest. Heaven's a sweeter place today Filled with your joy and love Your time with us here is finished God needed you up above. Daddy, never forget we love you We know you love us, too Our hearts will mend everyday God will help us through. There is no way to say good-bye To a man we love so dear Daddy, you'll be with us always In our hearts, we'll hold you near. We have an angel with us now There's nothing left to say The only thing we know for sure- Heaven's a sweeter place today.

I love you so much, Daddy! Marie



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