In Loving Memory of
Shona ( Johnson ) Pancake

On Jan 12~2002 you and Cody were taken from all those who loved you in an auto accident. Your husband and two younger sons miss you so, as do the rest of us. One will have memories of his mommy and older brother and the other will have photo's and stories. You loved them all so much. You were so proud of your new home and new baby boy. It makes me sad to look into their eyes and wish you were still here to take care of them. You told me you knew that Maverick would have a good sitter when you returned to work, and that I took good care of Draven the past 6yrs. I would of never imagined that I would be having to do your job also. I could never fill your position, but I give lots of hugs and kisses and do my best. I love them both. I hope one day when we meet again that you say I did a good job with Maverick too. You're in our hearts forever.

Your friend and babysitter Tina Stone



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