In Loving Memory of
Robert Gene Embrey III

My dear brother(the inspiration in my life), Oh how you are missed and not a day goes by without seeing your smiling face. I don't know what to do to make the pain go away. If I ever needed advice you were the one I called! Your voice seems muffled now and sometimes I can't understand what you are telling me, but with every passing day it gets louder and deeper. I feel closer to you now than I ever did. I just wish I could touch your hair again, go camping with you, listen to your beautiful music and most of all see your face. Now all of that happens in my dreams, it is not the same..but will have to do. Robert I miss you so much and I hope you remember everything we went through together. I want you to know how you touched my life and inspired me!

MY LOVE ALWAYS, your little sis



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