In Loving Memory of
Ruth Lynne Mansker

On November 13,2001 another tragedy occurred. I lost my best friend. Ruth Mansker was a very loving, caring and understandind person. She loved everyone and everything. She changed my life and even though she is no longer physically here she will always and forever remain in my heart. The days have gone by, The laughter has gone on. But the memories inside, Are still just as strong. For that sparkling smile can never be erased, her loving touch, her beautiful face. Through happiness and laughter, Through sadness and tears. She was right there with us, she comforted our fears. A friend to the end some would say, But little did we know, she would leave us one day. Without a good-bye she disappeared, With out a hug we shedded our tears. She is in heaven now, Time has flown by. But the site of her grave, still makes me cry.

This page is dedicated to Ruth Mansker and then many of other friends and family I have lost over the past 3 years. I love an miss you all. Katherine Hanner



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