In Loving Memory of
Sasha Pinzon-Sardo

I Just wanted to say goodbye to my dear pup Sasha, she was in my life for only eight days before her illness took over her life. She was special, she and I had a special bond in our short time together. I Miss Her little tail and her big kisses everyday. I grief, I cry, I feel guilt for not being able to save her life. I tried everything I could, all the medical care could not save her and in the end we ended her life to end her pain. Please forgive me Sasha, I tried everything in my power, I tried. I Miss You and We miss you here in our home. You entered our lives, our home, our heart and we are empty without you. We hurt without you. May you be in Gods care and someday may I see you again. May you be waiting for me with my father, someday I will be with you both again. I Love You and Miss You Sasha, forgive me for having to put you to sleep. I just couldn;t see you suffer anymore.

Rebekah Pinzon-Sardo and Michael Joseph Sardo and Meiko, Yaz and Shiloh Miss You Sasha and We Love You with Our Whole Hearts. May God Bless YOU



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