In Loving Memory of
Bettie Lee Richards

My Mom Bettie Lee Richards was taken from us on June 9, 2002. She was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer on March 14, 2002. IBC is a rare horrible cancer that is often misdiagnosed. Mom was taken suddenly but we knew she would not be with us long. In the end she did not suffer so we were grateful because it could have been so much worse. My Mom was a wonderful woman with a great sense of humor. I miss her laughter. Most of all I miss talking with her. After my Dad passed away in 1990 I called her every day to chat. Sometimes I did not have time and she would give me grief about it and I would get angry becuase I felt obligated. I would do anything in the world to talk to her again. I miss you Mom. Thank you for all the love and support. I know you are in a better place. Please be nice to Daddy!

I love you. Susan



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